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Smart Loyalty System

Getting a customer to your store the first time might be easy – Having them return on a regular basis may be difficult and expensive.

Unless you are the only game in town there are a multitude of options for consumers to choose from everyday whether you own a restaurant, clothing store, or dry cleaners. Always keeping you in their mind is important.

Having to rely on newspaper ads or coupon packs is extremely expensive and short lived - Trying to always find new patrons while at the same time ignoring your existing ones is a huge mistake.

Research shows that it costs up to seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one coming back.

Loyalty programs improve customer retention and encourage spending. Customer acquisition is improved by distinguishing you and your services from the competition.

Showing appreciation goes a long way toward strengthening your relationships with your customers. One way to show customers that you value their business is to provide them with fancy, personalized loyalty smart cards.

With smart cards you can acknowledge frequent customers and award points according to their level of spending - you can encourage repeat purchases by enabling a points-based reward system.

Smart cards increase transaction efficiency and promote increased spending, while decreasing costs due to human error, magnetic stripe failure, or fraud.

With each visit, customers have their balance checked on an easy-to-use smart card terminal.

Smart Loyalty System features :

  • Stores customizable member profiles and contact information
  • MyKad + Smart Card registration module
  • Prepaid, cash & postpaid module
  • Points Transaction module
  • POS Transaction Module
  • Members check-in & check-out time module
  • Inventory control module
  • Birthday Alert – Enable alert of member’s birthday by prompting the user when he/she log in
  • Master setup – enable user to edit and change report setting, birthday alert period and reward point setting and back-end settings
  • Pre-paid re-load set-up
  • Report types include member listing, sub-card listing, inventory listing, transaction summary, sales details report, Statement, Invoice, Editable Seasonal Letter, Check-in/check-out report, Inter-branch debit/credit notes
  • Integrates with print and export capabilities for all database entries and search results
  • Member payment history
  • Password protected access to the members database to stop unauthorised modifications
  • Support multiple outlets. Keep data in sync between multiple outlets with a limited setting

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