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Multi-Level Marketing System Solutions

Your MLM Software is critical to your success. With PRINTHOUSE you get everything you need to successfully operate your MLM business. From concept, planning, implementation and beyond, PRINTHOUSE ensures its clients have effective and accurate MLM business operations.

Distributor Management - Track downline genealogy, sponsor new distributors, track sales, record and resolve issues, send email, and more

Order Management - Enter and process orders quickly using multiple payment types such as credit cards, debit cards etc. Sales tax and shipping calculations done automatically

Inventory Management - know what you are selling, how much is left, what products are on special; set up groups, special pricing, discounts, and more

Administration and Security - Configure the system for your specific needs; configure your invoice, credit card settings, and misc. order-entry and distributor-entry defaults. Set up multiple user accounts with access privileges

Internet Ready - Interfaces, in "real-time", with online ordering, distributor signup, and distributor eCommerce products

Reports - Over 40 reports ready to go, for inventory, orders, transactions, bonuses, and more!

Powerful Record Search - Search for customers, distributors and orders in over ten different ways! Search by name, ID number, birthday, and more

Distributor Status - Check the distributor's status at a glance; what's their rank, number of people they've sponsored in your MLM opportunity, renewal date. Who is their sponsor, where are they placed in the downline?

Downline Genealogy Report - Generate a complete downline report for a distributor; shows all people in their MLM downline, their Personal Volume and Group Volume, and contact information

E-mail Manager - Construct a form-letter to send to your distributor; create distribution lists based upon rank, sales volume, data activated, and more. Send your letter via e-mail or print them out and mail them!

Online Access - Manage your distributor's access to the retail shopping cart and Distributor eCommerce system with a click of the mouse

Add Items - All products are at your fingertips; item lookup by item code or SKU, including product description and stock availability

Ranks - A Rank is a status level for a distributor, sales rep., or customer

Rank Qualifications - A rank is qualified (during bonus period) by achieving a Personal Volume (PV) and/or Group Volume (GV) and/or Frontline Active requirement

Breakaway Rank - Option to designate one rank as a Breakaway Rank

Commission Levels - Set up commission override percentages for each Rank by level

Generation Levels - Set up generational override percentages for each Breakaway Generation

User Setup - set up for your office personnel with their own Office Automation login/password; restrict access to critical areas and allow the user to access the functions within their job description.

Daily Reports - Sales by Invoice, Sales by Inventory Item, Transactions, Summary, etc.

Bonus Reports - Bonus Archive, Bonus Report, Bonus Detail by Type, Bonus Detail by Order, etc.

DistributorCenter - Your distributors can access their MLM downline genealogy, order history and current sales volumes in real-time, as the transactions occur, and update their personal contact information, all via the Internet.

Online Shopping Cart - why not let your customers and distributors place orders whenever they desire via the Internet? All orders are processed in real-time; once the order is completed, the next people to see the order is your warehouse personnel. No need for double-entry or picking up e-mails; it's completely automated.

Online Distributor Signup - why not allow your new applicants to sign up via the Internet? They can signup as a new distributor (under the correct sponsor), order an initial product inventory, all in one simple process. The software system takes care of everything.

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